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July 13th -15th

DLRG Cup 2023

The International DLRG Cup 2023 in Warnemünde is entering its 25th round this year! At the renowned Ocean event, 213 athletes from all over Europe compete against each other. The venue is again the Baltic Sea resort Warnemünde in Rostock.


Main beach (Seestraße, 18119 Warnemünde)


Welcome to Warnemünde

and congratulations on the 25th anniversary of Europe's most important invitational competition in ocean lifesaving! This very special competition has remained loyal to Warnemünde beach since its premiere and is now part of the summer in Rostock.

To ensure that bathing fun is also safe, lifeguards have been guaranteeing carefree sport on the beach for over 100 years. I would like to thank you all very much for that! Physical fitness, speed and a high level of concentration are important qualities for lifeguards. During my school days, I was a lifeguard myself and can therefore appreciate how much strength and what great commitment this sport demands. Because time and time again, one's own limits are reached in order to save the lives of others. Thousands of swimmers trust in this every year on the German beaches of Warnemünde, Hohe Düne, Markgrafenheide and Diedrichshagen.

We are looking forward to exciting competitions between over 200 participants of the international teams from all over Europe. My special thanks go to the organisers of the DLRG and more than 100 volunteers. I wish all participants much fun and successful competitions at the Baltic Sea!

Eva-Maria Kröger

Mayor of the Hanseatic and University City of Rostock

Rostock, June 2023

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